About Whoosh!

“Whoosh! is an intimately written guide for birthing companions to help them get actively involved and feel supportive on the birthing day…”Gaby Moss

Whoosh! was created for the author’s partner following masses of research into active and natural birth, and a blockage in being able to gently communicate the findings in the later stages of pregnancy.

The result is this little guidebook, balancing scientifically accurate medical facts with humorous truisms, illustrated throughout with loving explanations.

About Katie Brooke

“My story is simple. We had a dreadful time at our first birth. I knew it did not have to be like that. Bringing this book into the world is my way to help other birthing couples have a better birth experience…”Katie Brooke

Katie is an illustrator and author based in the north west, and mother of three lovely girls.

She became fascinated about birth and collected data on natural birthing throughout her pregnancies. Whoosh! brings to life her ‘library of incredible facts’ to help mothers to be and their companions birth lovingly and avoid intervention.

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About Pinter&Martin

“Pinter & Martin is an independent publishing company based in London and distributed worldwide. Our motto is freedom to think…”Martin Wagner

Pinter & Martin is an independent publishing company based in London, and specialise in pregnancy, birth & parenting, psychology, nutrition and yoga.

Books include Michel Odent’s Do we need Midwives?, Sheila Kitzinger’s autobiography A Passion for Birth, The Roar Behind the Silence, Why Doulas Matter and Why Hypnobirthing Matters, and Milky Moments by Ellie Stoneley.