Whoosh! Review by The Butterfly Mother

Review of Whoosh! by The Butterfly Mother

A lovely review of Whoosh! by The Butterfly Mother. “Don’t let the small size deceive you, this book is packed with information including massage techniques, breathing exercises, tips for bringing on labour and combating pain. There are also lots of details about the power of hormones and positivity.”

Happy Christmas – with a new baby


Christmas babies! ‘How lovely!’ you hear people say. And secretly you’re thinking ‘How on earth am I going to breast feed, change nappies and get baby to sleep while basting potatoes, wrapping last minute presents and keeping the kids from fighting?!’ HELP! I have two Christmas babies, now 3 and 5, and although their first Christmas’s are still a bit …

How To Avoid a Shockingly Bad Birth Experience:

Illustration of birth supplies

This blog post was written for The Huffington Post and appears here. How To Avoid a Shockingly Bad Birth Experience: 9 Essential Tips for Parents To Be We’ve all heard those awful, painful stories of birth, of big babies and bulging bottoms, but does it really have to be like that? Programmes like One Born Every Minute might like you …