Book Launch Musings

Beautiful sunshine marks the end of my second book launch event, and as i sit on the train journey home I reflect on the journey of Whoosh! A Little Book for Birth Companions.

It was last February that I sat in the office at Pinter&Martin quietly jumping for joy that this little book was going to make it into the world. We discussed it’s presentation and the importance of retaining it’s ‘tactability’, and keeping the price at a level that would make the book affordable, and thus available to the widest number of people. And here it is now, beautifully produced and true to it’s original, a little book that will hopefully make a big impact.

Whoosh was published to help new couples birth beautifully and celebrate the wonderment that is life, and life-forming. It might be humorous but it’s role is serious – to empower birthing couples together to take this journey and rite of passage and enjoy it, own it and honour it. And if Whoosh also helps people avoid the less-than-wonderful birthing experience that can so easily happen in today’s modern world then, hurray! I am even more delighted. Birth is a magical moment. Birth is also a lasting memory. It is important to try and get it right!

The two launch events – one in Cumbria where I live, and one at the Pinter&Martin offices in London – were both glittery in their own ways, with friends around and Christmas sparkle thrown in too. I feel honoured that Pinter&Martin have taken me into their fold and so lucky to have such amazing and supportive friends. A lovely journey so far.

I’m so looking forward now to sharing Whoosh! with new mums and birthing professionals and creating a space for those wonderful conversations that empower us and inspire. There are some amazing midwives and mums out there, lets hear their stories and grow the birthing love.

Katie Brooke

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